Youth Protective Eyewear


An award-winning eye safety program for youth athletics and vocational programs, Play Hard. Don’t Blink / SuperSpecs was created by the Ohio Ophthalmological Society (OOS). The OOS works directly with youth athletic leagues, school vocational programs, and school administrators throughout Ohio to provide FREE protective eyewear to reduce eye and facial injuries.


Since its inception in 1999, the Play Hard. Don’t Blink / SuperSpecs program has provided eye safety equipment—including sports goggles, prescription goggles, fielder’s masks, and softball and baseball helmets—worn by more than two million children across Ohio’s 88 counties. The equipment is worn by children competing in baseball, softball, hockey, basketball, lacrosse and more sports, in addition to, vocational programs where machinery and other tools are in use.

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Play Hard. Don't Blink. / SuperSpecs is funded through the Ohio Department of Health’s Save Our Sight Program. The Save Our Sight Program was created to ensure that children in Ohio have good vision and healthy eyes. The program accomplishes this through the early identification of children with vision problems and the promotion of good eye health and safety.

Citizens of Ohio fund the program through voluntary $1 donations when they apply for or renew their license plates and tags. With your continued support and encouragement to use eye protection, we can reduce eye injuries and make competition safer for young athletes in all sports.

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