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We are often asked by our members how they can individually become more involved in OSMA. The three opportunities below outline task force topics where we need members to volunteer:


1. Advocacy Leader Committees

Advocacy leaders will serve on one of four committees listed below and meet three times a year (virtually) to provide expertise on legislative bills and regulatory rules. There will also be times between meetings where staff will send committee members language for immediate feedback or need support providing responses to policy makers.

  • Primary care/Public Health/Healthier Ohio
    • This committee will be made up primarily of family practice, pediatric and OBGYN members—focused on primary care, public health and topics focused on improving Ohio’s health outcomes.

  • Specialty Care
    • This committee will be made up primarily of surgical and other non-primary care specialties (such as plastics, Orthopedics, general surgery, Gastroenterology, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Rheumatology, etc.) covering the topics facing these specialties.

  • Mental Health
    • This committee will be made up primarily of Psychiatric, Addiction Medicine, family practice members—focused on a variety of policies related to mental health and addiction.

  • Current & Emerging Technology
    • This committee will be made up of OSMA members interested in emerging technologies impacting the practice of medicine and delivery of healthcare including telehealth, EHRs, health data exchange, and new technology/instruments with regulatory challenges, etc.

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2. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Task Force

The DEI Task Force will be chaired by OSMA Past-President, Anthony Armstrong, MD. Its mission will be to develop strategies that achieve increased diversity and inclusion within the organization and the profession of medicine with the overall goal of creating more equitable healthcare delivery and outcomes for all Ohioans. Goals of the task force include:

  • Construct defined organizational governance, structures and activities that achieve diversity and inclusion within the OSMA, including the Council, committees, taskforces, sections and staff.
  • Create programing, activities, partnerships and alliances that achieve diversity and inclusion within the physician workforce in Ohio including physicians in training, those practicing independently and those employed in Ohio health systems and health centers.
  • Prioritize and specifically define OSMA’s involvement in current activities across Ohio focused on creating more equitable access to and delivery of healthcare resources to all Ohio citizens. This would include initiatives led by federal/state/local governments, non-profits and commercial entities.

The task force will meet quarterly, primarily virtually, and report progress and make recommendations to the OSMA Council.

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3. Membership Task Force

The Membership Task Force is chaired by Elizabeth Muennich, M.D. Its mission is to focus on growing and supporting OSMA membership through improving and enhancing communication, creating new programming to support members’ needs and strategizing and developing partnerships with other organizations and corporations that will help sustain the organization into the future. The task force meets virtually 5 times a year and makes recommendations to staff and the OSMA Council.

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