Salary Survey

2016 USAEE Salary Survey

This is the third comprehensive salary survey of energy economists based in the United States. Sixteen percent of USAEE’s members (as of May 2016) took the survey. The survey was administered by Meaden & Moore, a third-party independent accounting firm that collected and reported responses in a confidential and secure manner. As a member of USAEE you receive access to the survey complimentary. Please click Benefits to join USAEE.

Energy economics professionals were asked to report their annual base gross salary, from primary employment. The annual base salary from primary employment excluded bonuses, profit sharing, summer salary, and benefits. In addition, members were also asked to report 2015 compensation from two other sources. These were a) additional compensation from primary employment earned in 2015, such as bonus, profit sharing, and summer salary, and b) secondary gross employment compensation from, for example, consulting or a second job that was earned in 2015.

In addition to these questions, many others were asked that covered qualitative characteristics such as employment sector, years of experience, and education, among others.

2016 salary survey results are also compared to 2014 results in the report.

The USAEE Salary Survey is available for download purchase for $295.00.

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