Start a Chapter

The requirements for starting a Chapter are straightforward - a viable group forms to create a Chapter and have organized to the point of adopting a set of bylaws as well as have elected a group of officers. A sample set of bylaws may be found be clicking the below link. Please note from the USAEE bylaws the following applies to all USAEE Chapters:

  1. At least two of the senior officers of the Chapter are USAEE members.
  2. At least twenty (20) members or 1/3 of the membership of the group, whichever is less, are members of USAEE.
  3. The objectives and activities of the Chapter are consistent with those of the USAEE as set forth in the Association’s Bylaws.
  4. The structure and internal organization of each Chapter is at the discretion of the individual members of such Chapter, except that each Chapter shall have a President and Board/Council who are elected by a plurality of its members.
  5. The President shall be responsible for primary liaison with the Association.

As a general rule, the national organization (USAEE) does not get involved in Chapter organizational matters, elections, financial matters, or activities except as agreed on a case-by-case basis, such as for a meeting in which both organizations may be involved. In no case, however, does the USAEE bear any legal responsibility for actions taken or not taken by its Chapters or any of their members. The affiliation with USAEE is voluntary and at the sole discretion of the USAEE. Chapter recognition may be revoked at any time should USAEE deem necessary.

USAEE dues are $175.00 per person, per year for a subscription to The Energy Journal and the IAEE Energy Forum (newsletter) for regular members and $75.00 per person, per year for students. USAEE bills members directly for their membership in the Association.

If you have any further questions regarding the establishment of a USAEE Chapter please do not hesitate to contact USAEE's Executive Director Doug Conrad.

Chapter Resources