2020 USAEE Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Purpose:  The USAEE uses social media as a platform to increase awareness of USAEE events, activities, and energy information that would be of broad interest to current and prospective USAEE membership.

Scope of Social Media Use: Designated members of USAEE, as outlined in “Permissions,” below, would be given the user name and password to USAEE social media accounts. These individuals will be permitted to post items directly related to USAEE events and activities. With permission, social media postings may also extend to IAEE events and activities, or events and activities of the USAEE chapters. Examples of such events and activities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Announcements concerning the USAEE North American conference and IAEE conferences (with permission from and in coordination with the relevant individuals in IAEE)
  • Distinguished Lecture Series events, both in-person and online (such as the release of podcast interviews with DLS speakers)
  • Announcements about USAEE/IAEE written products of interest, such as articles in Energy Journal, Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy, and Energy Forum
  • Pieces written under the USAEE Dialogues banner, with permission from the USAEE VP of Communications
  • Announcements about events in which USAEE may partner with other organizations
  • Other USAEE products deemed appropriate by the VP of Communications
  • Energy information of broad interest to current and prospective USAEE membership

Permissions: Only the following individuals will be permitted to post to USAEE social media accounts:

  • USAEE President
  • USAEE VP of Communications
  • USAEE Communications Committee Social Media Officers
  • USAEE Executive Director, or his/her direct designee
  • USAEE VP of Conferences

Other Association members wishing to have material posted on USAEE social media outlets shouldmake a request through the USAEE VP of Communications or Social Media Officers.

Limits: Only material and announcements related to USAEE or IAEE issues, events, activities, or issues of broad interest to membership/prospective members will be posted under the USAEE social media accounts. USAEE Chapters may seek permission to publicize activities through the USAEE VP of Communications or Social Media Officers. Under no circumstances will material of a commercial nature be posted unless it is explicitly related to one of USAEE’s activities as covered under the “Scope of Social Media Use.”

Safe Harbor / Disclaimer: USAEE’s informational posts and communication media aim to support Members’ awareness of and access to the benefits of USAEE membership. To the extent postings requested by members address topics other than USAEE’s own activities and products, USAEE does not endorse and does not guarantee accuracy of any content posted and therefore declines any responsibility or liability for any damages incurred by any reliance by any user on platform content, attachments, and links. USAEE reserves the right to reject any proposed postings that violate USAEE’s standards for appropriateness, accuracy, and civility. While requested postings on energy economic topics may include advocacy on public policy matters, any that identify USAEE as favoring or opposing a political position or outcome will be rejected.

Security:  On January 1st of each calendar year, the Executive Director of USAEE or his/her designee will change the password on all USAEE social media accounts, and promptly relay new passwords to authorized users as listed in “Permissions.”