WF&FSA Membership Benefits

WF&FSA offers a wide variety of programs and activities to support its mission of enhancing networking and business opportunities for its members.


E-Newsletter (netWork)

netWork is probably the most popular and relevant industry newsletter. WF&FSA searches thousands of news sources for industry information while using a filter specific to the needs and perspective of the wholesale distribution channel. The newsletter is sent out electronically every other week.

Electronic Membership Directory

Accurate information on floral wholesalers and their suppliers. Available to members on the website 24/7. Indexed by company name and updated daily.

Distributor Software Guide

This annual guide contains numerous software providers specific to distributors.


WF&FSA's Marketing Campaign

Like its membership, WF&FSA is not niched to one market, but rather is expanding to embrace the same markets that our members are embracing. WF&FSA is initiating marketing efforts in the top three largest, most profitable market segments for wholesale distributors - Retail Florists, Event Planners and Independent Grocers.

Retail Florist

WF&FSA will continue to assist wholesale distributors in educating retail florists on the best marketing practices.

To better educate Retail Florist, WF&FSA will:

  • Provide marketing materials already developed by WF&FSA for wholesale distributors to disseminate to retail florists.
  • Format Florist of the Year "Best Practices" to deliver short and concise marketing tips. Have the Florist of the Year participate in audio conferences.
  •  Make industry experts available to retail florist on topics that are important and essential to marketing.

Through Direct2Florist, WF&FSA continues to provide Internet orders to over 1,800 florists in the U.S. and Canada at full value.

Independent Grocers and Event Planners

WF&FSA will approach both market segments with a similar three step program:

Step One: Investigate the business practices of each segment and help educate WF&FSA members about the segment. Create a "road map" that will help WF&FSA members understand how to successfully do business with both markets.

Step Two: Market and communicate about the value of floral to these markets on behalf of wholesale distributors and their marketing partners.

Step Three and Beyond: Stay connected with these markets with an on going program.

Market Research

A study of the U.S. Cut Flower Wholesale Distributor- 2009 is the first and only study of its kind. It takes an objective look at common business practices of the floral wholesale distributor in today's environment. The information is available for the exclusive internal use of WF&FSA members. The information is made available by the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters, ASOCOLFLORES.

Flower Gallery

WF&FSA's Flower Gallery is yours for a low yearly fee and is:

  • Generic and non-competitive
  • Effortless - automatically updated monthly
  • Unique - flower photos and information are provided by breeders worldwide.
  • Features over 2,500 varieties currently on the site. Varieties are added monthly.
  • Flowers can be searched by flower type, color, or variety name.

You can also personalize the Flower Gallery with your company name and logo for a one time charge.

Marketing Essentials Guide

This wholesale marketing guide includes information on best practices, open houses, marketing techniques and more.

Selling to Supermarkets

This 60-page training manual is specifically tailored for wholesalers and offers guidelines for selling fresh and hardgoods products to small and mid-sized supermarkets. It is designed to help you increase business opportunities in the supermarket floral business.

Convenience Store Retailing Facts

This is a three-page fact sheet that will help you understand the needs of convenience store retailing including margins, labor issue and distribution.

Educational & Networking Opportunities

WF&FSA Conference

The WF&FSA Conference is a great opportunity to take advantage of major networking and sourcing opportunities in one location, saving time and money.

  • Network with customers and competitors.
  • Get an education on topics specific to your business.
  • Conduct commerce at table top displays.

Management Institute

Management Institute is an interactive, educational and motivating program for owners and managers in the floral industry. Management Institute provides attendees with a balance of networking, professional training, industry-focused breakout groups, mentoring, and Industry Icon Interviews. The next Management Institute will be held March 24 - 26, 2011 at the Embassy Suites Atlanta Airport.

University of Industrial Distribution

The University of Industrial Distribution (UID) is a four-day educational program held annually in March that is specific to wholesale distribution with top speakers and participants from 24 industries. It is sponsored in part by WF&FSA. There are 18 superstar speakers covering 30 major topics specific to wholesale distribution.


The Four Pillars Of The Sales ProfessionTM, a three-day seminar, is held in Dayton, OH. Please watch for registration info.

Webinars & Audio Conferences

There are at minimum four webinar opportunities and up to 10 audio conferences a year on topics specific to the wholesale distribution channel. Topics vary greatly but have included sales to Independent Grocers, Convenience Stores or preparing for key holidays. Many are have a sales training slant.

Financial Management Tools

Operating Ratio Report

Learn the secrets of high-profit wholesalers and compare your performance to theirs. This exclusive WF&FSA survey provides industry benchmark information you can't get anywhere else. The report is available only to wholesalers who participate in the survey.

Quarterly Benchmark Report

WF&FSA members who participate can confidentially measure the key indicators of their company's performance against the industry on a quarterly basis - with a minimum investment of time and money.

Profit Improvement Reports

This report examines the impact of lost sales on profit performance.

  • Understanding Sales Sensitivity. An examination of how even modest missed sales opportunities decrease profitability.
  • Rejuvenating Sales Results. Alternative approaches available to management to drive higher sales volume without increasing operating expenses.

Dr. Al Bates, president of Profit Planning Group, writes these quarterly reports for WF&FSA.

Discount Programs


Up to 53% off select FedEx Express U.S. shipments. Up to 45% off select FedEx Express international shipments. FedEx Ground - This small-package program provides members with savings up to 18% off select shipments.  FedEx Freight savings up to 62% off select shipments.  FedEx Office savings up to 20% off select services.

Electric Checks

Electric Checks makes collecting bad checks easy-and free! Electric Checks takes advantage of a regulation that allows a third party other than a bank to electronically debit the bad check writer's account and (if funds are available) electronically credit the creditor's bank account. The service is available to WF&FSA members at no cost because the bad check writer pays a service fee.


Reduce fuel & maintenance by 10% and get two cents per gallon rebate! Fuelman makes it easy to monitor spending and identify hidden costs, such as unauthorized fueling. The savings can quickly add up -- with average annual savings of 10%. There are no weekly or monthly fees! You'll only pay for authorized fuel purchases.

ABC-Amega Credit Collections

WF&FSA endorses ABC-Amega, Inc., a credit collection agency with a high recovery rate, to handle your credit collection needs. WF&FSA has negotiated an aggressive fee structure for members, including a 10-day Free Demand Period. There is no charge for collections made during the 10-day period following first contact by ABC-Amega.

ABC-Amega, Inc. also offers WF&FSA members a free subscription to its monthly Credit-to-Cash Advisor e-newsletter.

US Bank

Merchant Bankcard Program- Because it's difficult to compare proposals for processing credit cards, WF&FSA has formed an alliance with US Bank designed to save you money. To simplify matters, WF&FSA has negotiated a "cost plus" pricing model with US Bank that, in effect, passes on the bank's cost plus a fixed fee.

Regional Freight Discounts

Discounts off current base rates are as follows:

  • A.Duie Pyle (Northeast) 64.8% off
  • YRC (National/Inter-regional) 65.0% off
  • AAA Cooper (Southwest) 58.7% off
  • Southeastern (Southeast) 65.9% off
  • Con-Way (Midwest/Central) 59.0% off
  • FedEx Freight West (West) 59.7% off

Other Resources

Special Reports

There are a great many papers prepared by WF&FSA Committees that are posted on the ‘Members Only" section of the WF&FSA website. Here is just a sample of what is available in that section of the website:

  • Guidelines and Standards for cut flowers
  • Use of GPS for wholesale distributors
  • Data Mining
  • Distribution Software Guide

Member Surveys

WF&FSA conducts at least 10 surveys a year on best practices. Here are some examples:

  • Delivery Charges
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Open Houses


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