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WF&FSA offers members unique learning opportunities to experience education your way. With WF&FSA’s Learning Experience (LearnX), formerly WF&FSA Institute,  member organizations have access to an e-Learning program offering access to online professional development and industry-based courses.  This learning option offers member employees anytime, anywhere access to affordable and relevant interactive coursework.  LearnX is the perfect tool to use to enhance your own professional development, or with a corporate subscription, augment your company onboarding process, training, and employee development program. 


Hundreds of Educational Titles to Choose From

Choose curated course titles assigned to Featured Playlists. Most course titles are available in English, Spanish, and French. The playlists, listed below, contain courses organized by content type and based on job function.

• Customer Communications • Marketing  • Workplace Safety
• Driver Safety (Beginner) • Microsoft Office • Bloodborne Pathogens
• Driver Safety (Advanced) • Sales (Beginner) • First Aid  
• Human Resources • Sales (Advanced) • Forklifts and Pallet Lifts

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Access Industry-Specific Content

WF&FSA’s education team partnered with subject matter experts to craft an initial three courses specific to the floral distribution industry. These courses are designed to help employees boost their knowledge about floral distribution chains, improve flower quality, reduce waste, and provide the best product for customers.

Lifecycle of a Rose
Designed for employees new to the flower industry, this “101 style” course lays out the basics of the growing process of roses. Learners gain a better understanding of the conditions used to commercially grow roses, the role breeders play, and the costs associated with rose production and transportation.

Flower Care and Handling
This course is divided into three sections: flower anatomy, basics of care and handling (hydration, flower food composition, etc.), and post-harvest care with detailed information on temperature and humidity control, sanitation, and preventative measures against ethylene and botrytis. It is available in both English and Spanish.

Sea Shipping to Ensure Customer’s Maximum Satisfaction
Even before 2020, more and more producers were turning to shipping flowers by sea, especially during holidays when air freight prices are especially high. This course, presented in a webinar format, identifies the equipment growers need for packing and preparation, looks into the proper techniques to maximize flower life, and best practices for care at the destination port.

Individual Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a cost-effective way to enhance your professional development with unrestricted access to thousands of course titles. An added benefit is you can manage your own training.  Subscriptions are good for 12-months from the date of purchase. To be eligible for an individual subscription, your company must be a WF&FSA member. 

Subscription Cost:  $99 per person renewed annually

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Corporate Subscriptions

Would you like to manage your employees' professional development? If yes, identify someone in your organization to serve as the Training Coordinator. This person will have full administrative privileges in the LearnX system. Just identify this person on your order form.

Here are some benefits of this option: 

  • Most cost-effective training available to you at $99 per subscription
  • Your Training Coordinator manages your program: add employees; manage course assignments; set completion deadlines; track learner process; run completion reports
  • Your employees will log in through a customized portal link direct to LearnX
  • Have the advantage of one seat reassignment for each subscription - rotate up to two employees in and out of one subscription
  • Subscriptions are good for 12-months from the date of purchase and are renewed annually

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 Have questions?  Email us at education@wffsa.org