YBAA Affiliate Application

YBAA Affiliate Application
All applications are reviewed by YBAA's Membership Committee, which reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason.
Business entities (such as corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships) that provide specific products and/or services of value to the members of the Association, and who support the Association’s mission and purpose while not being directly engaged in the business of yacht brokerage.
All eligible applicants are accepted on a 6-month conditional basis and may have their membership privileges revoked if it is deemed by the Board of Directors that the company does not meet the eligibility requirements.
To be accepted, all submissions must include all the information below:
Company Name:
Location Address:
City: State/Prov: Zip:
Contact Name:
Contact Title:
Contact Email:
Company Phone:
Company Fax:
Web Address:
Company Email:
Year company founded:
Fed. ID #:
My company is a:
Company Description:

How did you hear about YBAA?
Why has your company decided to join YBAA?
Which programs and service interest you?
Would you be willing to serve as a committee volunteer?

For reference purposes, provide the names of two or more brokerage firms with whom you do business:
Name: Company: Phone:
Name: Company: Phone:
Name: Company: Phone:
Name: Company: Phone:

Authorized Affiliate Members: List below the names and email addresses of the employees associated with your company who you designate to receive all benefits of YBAA membership, including voting privileges, as long as the Affiliate Membership is in effect.
Name: Email:
Name: Email:
Name: Email:
Name: Email:
Name: Email:

Affiliate Dues: First year dues are based on the date your company applies for membership

Ybaa 23 Affiliate Dues

Membership Category: + Initiation Fee $100

I have read the membership requirements and the YBAA Code of Ethics and I certify that my company meets the criteria necessary for membership, and that the company and its employees will comply with all terms and conditions of membership in theYacht Brokers Association of America, and will conduct our business in manner that complies with and supports the YBAA Code of Ethics.
I hereby attest that the information provided herein is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge.
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