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What can a Yacht Sales Professional do for me?

There's a saying in the industry; "If it was so easy - everyone would be doing it themselves." In truth, it's not so easy to sell a boat or find a boat that is a good match for you on your own. It takes time, commitment, know-how, and the right resources. If you are ready to buy or sell a boat, a Yacht Sales Professional can help turn your dreams into reality.

A Yacht Sales Professional is an individual who conforms to industry standards of skill, competence and character in service to their clients. As a member of a recognized yacht broker trade association and through continuing education and compliance with established codes of ethics, a Yacht Sales Professional maintains their expertise throughout their professional career. They may represent a buyer and/or seller as a professional broker in the sale of a recreational yacht or may be the representative of a yacht dealer or yacht manufacturer in the sale of a vessel. Those who attain, and maintain, their credentials as a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their profession. 

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Why should you use a qualified Yacht Sales Professional?

Because they have the experience and know-how to:

Provide a Strong Knowledge Base

Work with a Network of Contacts

Establish Value

Get Your Boat To Market

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Complete The Whole Transaction

Safeguard Funds

Provide an Ethical Atmosphere For The Transaction

Build Relationships