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Selling Boats Through the Screen

By Vincent Finetti

Imagine this: It's 1890 and you own a small shipyard that builds wooden fishing boats.

Your shipyard is facing one major challenge: there’s no electricity.

Without it, you can only build boats during daylight and use dim gas lamps when the sun starts to set.

One day, you get word of electricity that promises to transform your company’s productivity. With it, your team can work day and night to build more boats, you can hire more workers, and electricity will allow you to use powered machinery, meaning you can create an assembly line to mass produce boats.

Business booms and your little shipyard grows and grows with each and every boat sold.

A transformation made possible by electricity! Now, fast forward to 2020.

As a pandemic impacts the entire world, businesses have no other choice than to adapt to the new reality of marketing & selling through the screen because in person meetings or shows are becoming more and more challenging. In just a few months, businesses have had to make a 5 year jump in technology.

Just like it would have been so challenging not to fully embrace electricity back in the day, it's going to cost you a lot if you're not taking full advantage of the technological improvements and benefits of selling & marketing your products digitally.

And one of those massive improvements is our ability to present our products and communicate with one another on video via screen to screen.

From verbal & physical to a virtual selling environment.

Screen-to-screen selling is one of the most powerful sales strategies you will ever use today. From Facetime, walk through videos or Zoom meetings, screen-to-screen selling has come a long way over the last few years and especially since the start of this pandemic crisis.

Recent world events have only accelerated a trend that we have seen over the last two decades. ​ In a world of social distancing and mandatory mask wearing, quality video screen-to-screen selling is gradually becoming much more convenient and effective than
in-person selling.

Think about it: even without a global pandemic keeping us inside, we live in a world where you can go online, shop for pretty much anything in seconds, and have it delivered to your door the next day.

This means that your success as a boat broker is becoming increasingly reliant on your ability to demo your boats through virtual means, but also communicate with your clients and conduct the sale virtually.

I decided to put a free workshop to share with you and walk you through the 3 fundamentals of screen-to-screen selling:

1) The reason why you absolutely need to switch to a digital boat sales practice
2) The best practises and formulas to succeed in selling through the screen in 2020
3) The best technology and tools adapted to selling boats in 2020

Don't miss the upcoming boat sales E-Seminar on September 2nd that will be packed with lots of tips and techniques.

Note: Participation in this seminar will be worth 3 CPYB recertification credits.

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