MSHO’s strength is the involvement of its member volunteers who provide their time, effort and expertise to further the operations and initiatives of the Society.

MSHO Committee Structure

Executive Committee
Purpose: The Executive Committee is responsible for the general affairs of the MSHO Board of Directors and has the following responsibilities:

  • To prioritize the activities of the Board in alignment with the Society’s strategic plan
  • To oversee the Society’s executive and staff operations
  • To develop the agenda for Board Meetings
  • To recruit Society Committee leadership from within the Board of Directors
  • To meet with prospective Board members and recommend candidates to the Board
  • To conduct orientation sessions for new Board members and to organize training sessions for the entire Board if needed
  • To develop and apply guidelines for ensuring ethical behavior and resolving ethical conflicts.
  • To assure the Board regularly engages in self-assessment
  • To assure the Board regularly engages in strategic planning

Membership Committee
Purpose: The Membership Committee is charged with monitoring current MSHO member satisfaction and participation and investigating new membership opportunities to reflect the delivery of hematology and oncology care in Michigan

  • Track membership recruitment and retention
  • Employ the Board network to contact delinquent members prior to cancelation
  • Consider expansion options for membership for specialists and affiliated healthcare professionals who are aligned with the goals and mission of MSHO
  • Consider updated membership categories based on the site of care delivery
  • Respond to disgruntled members' calls and solicit feedback for improvement
  • Determine dues structure and corresponding benefits for MSHO membership

Young Professional Committee
Purpose: The work of the Young Professional Committee is to educate and mentor young physicians and fellows to support their interest in hematology and oncology and retain them in Michigan private practices/clinics. The tasks of this Committee are:

  • To provide clinical education to support young physicians’ pursuit of Board Certification
  • To provide an awareness of practical career development considerations
  • To provide a source of Michigan employment opportunities for young physicians
  • To provide peer networking opportunities and resources
  • To expose young physicians to the value of participating in organizations such as MSHO to further their specialty
  • To work with Fellowship Program Directors to allow Fellows to participate in MSHO initiatives

Education Committee
Purpose: MSHO’s commitment to providing our members and their staff relevant, unbiased information on recent advances that contribute to the care of their patients is the charge of the education committee. Responsibilities for Education Committee members are:

  • To see that MSHO continues to meet the educational needs of our members
  • To participate in planning committees and course director positions for the delivery of MSHO educational programs
  • To monitor and assess accreditation, corporate funding, Society resources, and other issues involved in the development and delivery of MSHO educational programming
  • To oversee new program development
  • To initiate and guide program evaluations
  • To facilitate discussions about program priorities for the Society.

Public Policy Committee
Purpose: MSHO’s Public Policy Committee Counsels the Board of Directors of actions that should be taken to defend, support or challenge decisions that impact the care of cancer patients. The members of this committee:

  • Stay informed on relevant state and national legislative, executive and judicial issues by reviewing bill tracking and other reports from MSHO’s contracted Government Affairs Consultant and national and local organizations (ASCO, ASH, ACCC, COA, MCC,etc)
  • Bring proposals to the table for a Board position or MSHO intervention
  • Make recommendations for Society representation in coalitions that advance the MSHO mission
  • Work with appropriate staff to draft policy positions to share with MSHO members, elected officials, media when appropriate
  • Evaluates the value of MSHO’s Government Affairs Consultant position and makes recommendation for contracting this position
  • Provide or solicit testimony for important policy hearings.

Payer Advisory Committee
The Payer Advisory Committee responds to requests from both MSHO members and payers (Medicare, Medicaid, AND private payers) regarding coverage for oncology and hematology treatment. The committee’s role is to support access to the appropriate and timely treatment through policy review, clinical evidence intervention. The duties of the Payer Advisory Committee are:

  • To review scientific data from defined sources regarding appropriate off-label coverage of drugs used in cancer treatment
  • To provide a timely response to coverage inquiries
  • To investigate inquiries regarding pre-authorizations, step therapy and other payer-initiated   utilization restrictions
  • To participate in meetings and discussions with payer medical directors when asked
  • To attend at least one CAC WPS Meeting (Southfield) per year – CAC Rep only
  • To attend annual ASCO/ASH CAC Meeting (DC) – CAC Reps alternate

Advocacy Liasons