Membership Categories

Below are the different member categories MSHO offers.  If you have any questions regarding membership or interested in joining, please contact the MSHO office at 248-385-5464 or email Kasie Blazevski at

Physician Member

All full-time physicians in an oncology group practice/clinic must maintain membership in the Society to receive full MSHO privileges. Annual dues are $450.00 for each physician with a maximum of $4,000.00 per practice/clinic. Staff members are entitled to have full access to member benefits under an active practice/clinic.

Academic Physician Member

MSHO currently has four academic centers as members; University of Michigan, MSU/Breslin Center, Henry Ford Hospital, and Karmanos Cancer Institute. Staff members are entitled to have full access to member benefits under their academic center membership.

Hospital Member

Hospital membership is offered to hospital employees affiliated with our members, but not under the practice or clinic’s authority. If you have any questions about this membership category, please contact the MSHO office.   

Fellow Member

Fellows from institutions fall under the Physician Member category and there is NO cost for our fellows to be members.   Fellows receive the same benefits as the Physician Member category.

Corporate Member

MSHO offers five levels of  corporate membership: Premier Plus, Premier, Champion, Supporting and Emerging.  For a complete list of benefits and fees please contact MSHO at 248-385-5464 or email Kasie Blazevski at  

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