July 19, 2013

The 10 Toughest Conversations to Have with Employees and Others

Sharonville Convention Center

Inappropriate behavior, substandard performance, personal hygiene and other issues are just some of the more difficult situations you must face as a supervisor. Too often these types of situations are handled poorly or at times ignored, creating more difficult problems that can negatively affect the entire organization. This hands-on, interactive workshop will walk you through the processes and steps needed to facilitate clear and direct dialogue with your employees. Through the use of classroom presentation and role playing, participants will develop the skills necessary to deal with these issues directly and with proven results. Dealing with difficult co-workers or individuals from other agencies will also be addressed. 

Instructors: Retired Chief Stan Crosley, CFO, EFO, MIFireE
                   Chief Mark Martin, Perry Township Fire Department

For additional information and registration form, click here...The 10 Toughest Conversations to Have with Employees and Others


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