The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association, Inc. (OFCA) is an association of chief fire officers. The OFCA provides education, a forum for exchange of ideas, legislative advocacy and leadership development. The Association assists members in their efforts to build safe and healthy communities throughout the state of Ohio. Membership is extended to allied emergency service organizations and affiliated members.


Membership Categories


Individual $100

Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, Shift Commanders, Duty Officers, or other individuals in similar positions in organized fire departments of political subdivisions, or such other persons designated as Chief of departments in industrial, military, or other not-for-profit fire organizations under contract with political subdivisions as approved by the Board of Directors, shall be eligible for Individual Membership upon payment of annual dues. 

Departmental $100

Not-for-profit fire/EMS departments serving populations of 10,000 or less which are operated by a political subdivision or are under contract with a political subdivision. Departmental members shall be entitled to the same privileges as an Individual Member with the exception of serving in an elected position. Dues for the Departmental Members shall be the same as for the Individual Members and the department shall designate the individual voting on its behalf by having that person present the department membership card at the time of voting.

Corporate $90

Persons, firms, and corporations engaged in the sale or manufacture of fire apparatus, equipment, devices or general fire department supplies shall be eligible for Corporate Membership upon the payment of annual dues. Such members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Association except the right to vote or hold elective office.

Retired $10

Retired Membership may be conferred on individuals who, upon retirement from the fire service, have been members of the Association for a period of not less than five (5) years immediately preceding retirement, provided they are not identified with fire protection on a commercial basis. Retired Members shall be entitled to vote and hold office.