July 25, 2014

Fire Safety Inspector Course

Fire Sprinklers In The Residential Setting... What You Must Know!

Columbus Hilton at Easton


Fire Safety Inspector Registration Form
COST IS $75.00 and includes lunch and snacks; 6 CEUs Available

This class delivers a day filled with critical and interesting information related to the history, development and success of fire sprinklers in residential occupancies. The residential fire sprinkler movement is owned by the fire service and is a history that all fire service professionals need to understand. This class will be presented by professionals who have been involved in the residential fire sprinkler movement for many years and who have firsthand knowledge and statistics that will be of great value as the debate over fire sprinklers continues across the nation.

 Key Topics Will Include:

  • The History of the residential fire sprinkler movement.
  • Statistics related to sprinkler success in the residential setting.
  • What are the General requirements of Residential Fire Sprinkler Standards NFPA 13R and 13D?
  • Where are Residential Fire Sprinklers required and how were these locations successful in the implementing the requirement?
  • What are the FACTS that defeat the MYTHS about fire sprinklers?
  • Where can you find information and help to educate firefighters and the general public on the value of fire sprinklers?
  • What are some obstacles that stand in the way of State or National adoption of a fire sprinkler requirement? How do we deal with these obstacles?
  • What role can I play saving lives and property from the devastating impact of uncontrolled fire?

Live Side By Side Fire Sprinkler Demonstration
A live side by side fire sprinkler demonstration will be conducted at the conclusion of the class. All Conference attendees will be given a firsthand opportunity to see the value of fire sprinklers in a live fire situation.

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