Ohio Fire Chief Credentialing Program

Credentialing Logo The Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association (OFCA) and the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation (OF&ESF) have identified the need to further enhance the professionalism of chief fire officers throughout the State of Ohio by the establishment of a uniform credentialing program. The goal of the program is to ensure a strong degree of accountability. The Credentialing Program sets forth the goals needed for chief fire officers to establish a higher degree of professionalism so that fire chiefs may be better prepared to serve their department, their community, and other organizations. The goal is to promote the professional development of the chief fire officer in Ohio and to assist these chiefs in their daily operations, management, and leadership.

Credentialed participants will be required to renew their credentials every three years.

The OFCA, through this program, has attempted to establish occupational education, fire service related training, and experience criteria relevant to the position of fire chief. This process provides an equal opportunity for the volunteer, paid-on-call, or full-time applicant to meet the minimum criteria for achieving the Ohio Fire Chief credential.

By participation in this program, an applicant agrees to abide by a Mission Statement and Code of Professional Conduct. The credentialing process will be solely administered by The Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association Credentialing Committee.


  Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association Credentialed Chiefs
      Chief Rick Anderson, OFE, OFC   Ashland Fire Division
      Assistant Chief William Anderson, OFC   Euclid Fire Department
      Assistant Chief Tim Bowling, OFC   Defiance Fire Department
      Chief Thomas Burgasser, OFC   Massillon Fire Department
      Chief John Donahue, OFC   Delaware Fire Department
      Chief John Frazier, OFC   Russell Fire Department
      Assistant Chief Mark Fyffe, MPA, OFE, OFC   Union Township Fire Department
      Deputy Chief Michael Froelich, OFC    Sylvania Fire-EMS Department
      Chief Brent Gates, OFC    New Concord Fire Department
      Assistant Chief Ray Green, OFC   Canal Fulton Fire Department
      Chief Vincent Harris, OFE, OFC   Greentown Fire Department, Inc.
      Chief William Houk, OFC   Jefferson Township Fire Department
      Chief Jeff Hussey, OFE, OFC   Granville Township Fire Department
      Assistant Chief Justin Joy, OFE, OFC      Greentown Fire Department
      Chief Joseph Kitchen, OFC   Bath Township Fire Department
      Chief Jeff Klein, OFE, OFC    Perrysburg Fire Division
      Chief Mark Kozak, MPA, OFC    Ravenna Township Fire Department
      Chief Dennis Lewis, OFE, OFC    Bazetta Fire Department
      Chief Mark Martin, OFC     Perry Township Fire Department
      Chief Matt Noble, OFC    Orange Township Fire Department
      Asst. Chief Daniel Podlogar, OFE, OFC   Lawrence Township Fire Department
      Chief Robert Reinholz, OFC   Streetsboro Fire Department
      Assistant Chief Rick Prinz, OFE, OFC   WEst Chester Township Fire Department
      Chief Rudy Ruiz, MBA, EFO, FO, OFC      Bedford Township Fire Department
      Chief Bill Shaw, EFO, OFC   Solon Fire Department
      Chief George Snyder, BCJ, OFC   Burghill Vernon Fire Department
      Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco, OFC   Concord Township Fire Department
      Battalion Chief Douglas Wehmeyer, OFC   Deerfield Township Fire Department
      Chief Porter Welch, J.D., OFE, OFC   Scioto Township Fire Department
      Chief Jonathan Westendorf, OFC     City of Franklin Division of Fire
      Chief Bill Wilkins, OFC   Defiance Fire Department
      Chief Jerry Winkler, OFC   Seville-Guilford Fire & Rescue
      Chief Paul Wright, OFC      Montgomery Fire Department
      Chief Jeffery Young, OFE, OFC   Sheffield Village Fire Department

 Ohio Fire Chief Credentialing Program Application

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