Strategic Plan

The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association (OFCA) exists to promote education and study ways and means to deal with the ongoing complex fire protection issues facing the State of Ohio. It endeavors to reduce to a minimum Ohio's loss of life and property through destruction by fire. The Association provides for the interchange of ideas, practices and experiences for the betterment of the fire and emergency services. It serves as a resource and provides support material to Ohio's fire and emergency service leaders.

It recognizes the necessity of unity and representation for all fire and emergency service organizations throughout the state. It attempts to create and represent a vision for fire serves across the state. It is positioned to act as a change agent in implementing improvements throughout Ohio. The OFCA allows for Chief-to-Chief networking as a conduit for timely information along with professional credibility.

In January 2008, over 50 fire and emergency service leaders from across the state convened to develop the 2008-2012 Strategic Plan. The participants went through many exercises, some to look back to identify what has worked well and to learn from those successes so they can be replicated.

By looking back at what is already successful in the OFCA, a benchmark is provided to build the foundation for the Strategic Plan. It is important to acknowledge and honor the past and in fact, it was stated during the Strategic Planning Session that the "past helps develop the future".

OFCA's Strategic Plan sets forth a comprehensive vision and mission statement that provides the Association with a clear path into the future. In addition, the Plan identifies the core values that embody how the members, individually and collectively, will carry out the work of the organization. OFCA's mission is translated into action and results through its members and staff.