Exhibitor Toolkit

Exhibitors will receive an email from our Official Show Decorator, George Fern Co., containing important information about the purchase of accessories for your booth, carpet, furniture, electric, etc.....

Standard Booth Equipment:
Each 10' x 10' Booth will include:
8' high royal blue and white back drape
3' high royal blue side drape
Identification Sign
Island Booths do not include drape or sign

Exhibit Hall Flooring:
Exhibit Hall has a concrete floor. Per Show Management, all booths are encouraged to have carpet or professional floor covering. Exceptions would be displaying a vehicle , equipment or performing roofing industry related demonstrations within the booth where flooring would be intrusive or dangerous. If displaying a vehicle or equipment, plastic must be under any portion that could leak.

If you have any question or have not received your Exhibitor Toolkit, please contact Lesa Davis.


Lesa Davis, Exhibitor Services
[O]  816-701-1031
[M]  816-665-6314

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Lead Retrieval Services

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2019 Lead Retrieval

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Exhibitors are encouraged to download and use these digital ads in their own promotion of the MRCA Conference and Expo. (PDF Converter)

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