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MSHO's 2021 Fee Schedule Analyzer Updated with the Updated 2021 WPS Medicare Fee Schedule

To make analyzing the financial impact of the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule changes easier, we have created MICHIGAN specific tools for our members. The tools incorporate the latest fee schedule released by WPS which includes the changes in the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule.  This Excel spreadsheet will help analyze the impact of the Evaluation and Management codes as well as the Administration codes.  

Be sure to choose the correct spreadsheet for your locality (01 or 99). To determine the annual impact, you will need to input your approximate “units billed” during 2020, for each code in the yellow space provided, or 2019 data if you feel that will be a more accurate representation to estimate the services.  The tool will automatically give you the impact of the change for that specific code, as well as a grand total of all codes at the bottom of the spreadsheet based on your 2020 volume.

NOTE:  This tool does not have the OPPS Rates!

The tools are located on the website however, you can simply download them using the links below;

Final 2021 Local 01 MSHO Fee Schedule Analyzer Tool 

Final 2021 Local 99 MSHO Fee Scheule Analyzer Tool 

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