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Flora Varga

Flora Varga, Cancer & Hematology Centers of West Michigan

Are you a new provider to Priority Health?

We're offering provider training and onboarding to assist you as you start to see Priority Health members.  Review the training schedule and register!

Transition of Care for new Priority Health Medicaid members

Per MDHHS guidance, we've updated our policy in 2021 for Medicaid plans to allow members a 90-day Transition of Care window. Providers can submit for Transition of Care authorizations on our website.

What is Transition of Care?
If a Medicaid member is new to Priority Health and their provider or medication isn't covered, Transition of Care may allow them to temporarily continue receiving coverage of services with an established out-of-network provider and/or approved medication within the first 90 days of eligibility if their health would be put at serious risk if they go without care. Members, their appointed representative, or providers may request Transition of Care authorizations.  READ MORE


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