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Problem with URGENT Prior Authorizations from FEP Blue Cross?

MSHO alerted BCBSM of the issue and we have a solution!

MSHO was alerted by our members that FEP Blue Cross was not acknowledging "Urgent" requests for prior authorizations and instead, turn around time was approximately 14 days, causing delays in treatment and barriers to quality cancer care.  

MSHO reported the issue to BCBSM. Subsequently, the FEP Department has received education on the 72-hour window for urgent prior authorizations.  MSHO has also been assigned a direct contact at BCBSM to address any outstanding or ongoing issues promptly.  

If you have any current issues with the inability to obtain an "Urgent" (within 72 hours) prior authorization from FEP Blue Cross, PLEASE report this to Michelle Weiss,, and we will work with our contact to get prompt attention to your issue!

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