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Opportunities: Free Training, Scholarship Deadline Extended

Plus, Share the BASF-Sponsored Pest of the Month with your Techs!

Deadline Extended for Applications for the Fred Neil Scholarship

New deadline is July 31, 2023 

Decision will be made on August 18, 2023

MSPCA believes in advancing education, and wants to support MSPCA family members, or employees who are studying full-time at a college or university.

The Maryland State Pest Control Association (MSPCA) is pleased to offer the Fred Neil Scholarship. All MSPCA members, their children, their employees and their employee's children can apply for a $1,000 scholarship to support their university studies as a full-time student. 

Individual applicants must meet certain requirements to apply:

  • Be a natural, adopted, or legal guardian child of a person who has worked full time a minimum of four (4) years for an active member of MSPCA, or be said employee who will be attending college or university full-time;
  • Be a citizen or a legal resident of the United States;
  • Be accepted as a full-time student or are already a full-time student at an accredited college or university.
  • Have at least a “B” high school grade average, GED equivalent, Minimum of 900 SAT score or a Minimum of 2.8 college GPA

Last, applicants should complete a 500-word essay on how their course of study will enrich the fabric of our society. Applicants should head to for the full application and more information about the scholarship.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is July 31, 2023. Selected applicants will be notified in after August 18th. 

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ReIt's Time to Renewnew Your MSPCA & NPMA Membership Now - our new membership year started July 1!

If you have already paid your dues, Thank You!

Together, the Maryland State Pest Control Association (MSPCA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) are focused on providing education and services for pest management businesses in the state of Maryland, and beyond.  Our joint membership program ensures that our members enjoy benefits, and support of the industry, at both the national and state level.

Renew Today

Use the button above to log into your account and renew your membership.

* Dual membership is required for all PMP members. If your corporate office is located outside of Maryland, you will pay your NPMA dues through that state. In this case, MSPCA has emailed an MSPCA renewal invoice to the key contact we have on file for your organization.


MSPCA Pest of the Month

Odorous House Ant Corrected

The Odorous House Ant is one of the most common pest ants in Maryland. They will be found outside around structures and will form trails leading into homes and other structures. Once they come in they will find places to set up new colonies and can become a year-round headache for homeowners. Their colonies can have multiple queens and tens of thousands of workers. They are easily identified by the rotten coconut odor they have when crushed. Exterior treatments with non-repellants and interior baiting and non-repellant materials work well on these ants. For more information on these ants and products you can use against them, reach out to your local BASF representative.

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Pest of the Month



FREE class hosted by Tidewater Pest Control Association (TPCA) - Open to all PMPs in Maryland

July 26 7:30 am EST - 1 hour via Zoom

In this free Zoom class, Dr. Jeff Lloyd of Nisus Corporation will explain why “Protecting Homes from Moisture and Fungi” is so important for you and your customers.

Dr. Lloyd will cover the steps you can take to protect structures against fungi, a bigger WDO than termites. The presentation will serve as a deeper dive into what fungi are and their environmental requirements for development, the adverse health effects from fungi, moisture’s effects on structural components, and encapsulated crawl space considerations.

This session will also cover available products and application options that you can use in your residential and commercial accounts!


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Passcode: 307752

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