WDI-O Credentialing Training

To earn your MSPCA WDI-O Credentials you must take the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector course and pass the VPMA WDI-O exam, then complete the MSPCA WDI-O Supplement. Please read below for the full process:

Step 1: Complete the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Workshop 

  • Candidates must apply directly to VPMA by filling out an application along with paying the course fee. VPMA sets its own schedule and location for this course so visit VPMAonline.com to learn about upcoming training opportunities.  MSPCA will note the dates and locations on our web site as we are notified by VPMA. We have negotiated with VPMA for our members to enroll at the discounted VPMA Member price. You will need to acquire a discount code from VPMA. You are NOT required to meet the stated VPMA “prerequisites”.
  • Secure the study material from VPMA and study the material BEFORE attending the course.
  • Attend the course and pass the examination proctored at the completion of the instruction. You will NOT receive a certificate from VPMA.

Step 2: Complete the MSPCA WDI-O Supplement

  • Once you’ve completed the VPMA course and passed the test, VPMA will email the results to MSPCA. You will then be given a link to purchase the MSPCA Supplement for $50. Once you have purchased the MSPCA Supplement you will receive an email packet containing:
  • After receiving the MSPCA Supplement, do the following:
    • Complete the open-book exam by using the MD. Dept. of Agriculture’s “Regulations Pertaining To The Pesticide Applicators Law”, the MD1 form and “MSPCA Suggested Guidelines
    • Sign the pledge and upload to your MSPCA Profile (directions will be provided) 
  • After passing the exam and signing the pledge, you will then be awarded a “WDI-O Credentialed Inspector” certificate and issued a unique credential number.
  • Maintaining your credential will require adherence to the principles taught in the course as well as an obligation to attend a MSPCA conducted re-credential course at least once every 3 years.
Upcoming VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Training Events:

VPMA extends the discounted member registration rate to all MSCPA members. If you have not received a discount coupon, please email info@marylandpest.org and request a code before registering

  • June 4, 2024, 8:00 - 4:00 - Virtual Live Streaming Webinar
  • October 10, 2024, 8:00 - 4:00 - Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center

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