WDI-O Inspector Quality Assurance Program

To all Maryland State Pest Control Association Wood Destroying Insect-Organism Credentialed Inspectors**  and the companies that employ WDI-O Credentialed Inspectors.

WDI-O Credentialed Inspectors

Successful completion of the MSPCA WDI-O Credentialed Inspector Program requires significant effort and experience on the part of the applicant / student. The information presented in study material provided and taught in the training class is the result of a monumental effort on the part of the Maryland State Pest Control Association and the collaboration of numerous recognized experts in the field of wood-destroying insect inspections. The goal of the MSPCA was to create a recognized high level of professionalism and knowledge by training, testing and awarding the WDI-O Credentialed Inspector designation to those individuals who successfully complete the course. In addition, the MSPCA has also devoted much time and effort to promote the awareness and benefits of the program and it's credentialed inspectors to those involved in the real estate industry.
These efforts have been tremendously successful. Since 2003 the MSPCA has trained and credentialed over 200 inspectors and the Credentialed designation is widely recognized by those in the real estate industry.
If the WDI-O Credential is to remain the recognized high standard for the selection of a WDI inspector, it is of paramount importance that the integrity of the program and the reputations of the credentialed inspectors themselves, are protected. In order to accomplish this, the MSPCA, which owns the "MSPCA WDI-O Credentialed Inspector" designation, has created a quality assurance program. This program affects anyone applying for the Credential as well as all those currently holding a valid Credential number.
Highlights of the program include:
1)Annual re-training opportunities offered through the MSPCA as a refresher course or for the required, 3-year, re-credentialing.
2)Representatives from within the local industry with extensive inspection backgrounds are available to consult with credentialed inspectors and review a sampling of MD-1 reports. This service is offered to assist inspectors in identifying areas of weakness or potential exposure in their inspections or reports.
3)All credentialed inspectors are required to sign the "pledge and disclosure" (sample below). It sets out the qualifications for receiving the Credentialed WDI/O Inspector designation, the inspector's responsibility to adhere to applicable regulations & standards, the requirements for maintaining and renewing your credential, and the process for possible peer review of inspection reports which could result in suspension or revocation of the credential. Inspectors are required to sign the pledge at the time of the initial training as well as each time they attend a renewal training session.
4)A peer review panel, operating under written guidelines and staffed by experienced MSPCA Credentialed WDI-O Inspectors, has been created to investigate any inquiry received regarding alleged misconduct, fraud, or material lack of adherence to the principles taught in the Credentialed WDI-O Inspector course. The review panel has the authority to recommend written warnings, retraining, and suspension or revocation of an inspector's credential.  
***The MSPCA is currently staffing the review panel with sitting members and alternates. Any WDI-O Credentialed Inspector that is also MDA certified in category 7b, has extensive inspection experience and exceptional understanding of the information and principles taught in the program can apply to interview for a panel position. Volunteers will serve a minimum of 2 years. You may call the MSPCA WDI Committee Chairman, Bruce Morgan, @ 410-971-1765 for more information.
[**The MSPCA owns the designation "Credentialed WDI/O Inspector". Invalid use of the designation or the credential number subjects the individual to legal action.]
"If it is determined that I have met the pre-requisites for eligibility, have attended the required training, and have passed the examination, I will be awarded the designation of "CREDENTIALED WDI/O INSPECTOR" and will be assigned a unique credential number. I understand that retaining this designation will require that I adhere to all applicable regulations and will abide by the principles taught in the course. I understand and agree that my credential could be suspended or revoked if a review panel of my peers were to determine, through a properly conducted investigation, that there is a valid complaint of issuing a false or misleading pest inspection report. I also understand that my credential is valid for a period of 3 years and may be renewed by attending a re-credential session, offered once each year by the MSPCA. Failure to attend such as session within 3 years will cause my credential to expire. It is also required that I continue to be an active MDA certified or MDA registered employee of a licensed Maryland pest control company to retain or use my credential."