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Maryland Regulatory Update

Regulated MD-1 Form & Label Review

Form MD-1 – As you should be aware, the MD-1 must be completed as per Section B. of the Regulations Pertaining to the Maryland Pesticide Applicator Law.  Please be advised that MDA will not be updating its MD-1 to conform to the updated NPMA-33 form.  This is due to existing language contained in the Regulations. 

We have seen several MD-1 forms modified.  The MD-1 form approved by MDA is located on our website.  You may not alter this form in any way.  No deletions or additions to the form are permitted unless you have received written permission from MDA.

READ THE LABEL – You have heard us mention this many times before.  The Pesticide Regulation Section has issued several misuse violations over the last few months due to applicators relying on recommendations from suppliers, manufacturers, etc. but not checking the label to make sure those recommendations were allowable according to the pesticide product label.  In addition, EPA has placed additional use restrictions on certain labels, especially relating to Rodenticides and Endangered Species. Please make sure you read and understand the label directions before using any pesticide. 

As always, please feel free to contact us anytime.

You can also contact our main office at 410-841-5710 to talk to any of our staff or feel free to send an email to

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