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Earn Your MSPCA WDI-O Credentials

Step 1: Take the VPMA WDI Inspector Course

Step 1: Take the VPMA WDI Inspector Workshop

MSPCA allows Maryland PMPs to earn their WDI-O Credentials by taking the Virginia Pest Management Association WDI Inspector Workshop, and taking and passing the VPMA WDI Exam. 

Step 2: Complete the MSPCA WDI-O Supplement

Maryland PMPs must complete the Maryland Supplement and pay a $50 fee to earn MSPCA WDI-O Credentials. Because there are important and different WDI-O practices and regulations unique to Maryland, the supplement provides material that was not covered in the Virginia course. You will be sent an invitation to complete the supplement after VPMA has verified your attendance at one of their in-person or virtual events.

MSPCA Supplement Includes:

  • Downloading MDA Documents, including the MD-1 Form
  • Take and Pass the MSPCA Supplement Exam
  • Sign the MSPCA WDI-O Credentialed Inspector Pledge 

VPMA is offering an in-person course in Richmond on November 7th. If you would like to earn your MSPCA WDI-O Credentials, taking the VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Course is your first step! Click below for details and registration information. MSPCA members can register at the discounted VPMA member rate.

VPMA Certified WDI Inspector Course

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