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[Duplicate] Call to Action: Oppose tax on pest control services!

Add your voice to the opposition!

Call to Action: Oppose a MD state tax on services!

We need your help TODAY!

House Bill 1515 - would decrease the sales tax to 5% while levying a service tax of 5% on virtually all services in Maryland. This would include the services we provide for our customers and the services we use to run our own businesses. The Maryland Association of Green Industries (MaGI - a collaboration of which MSPCA belongs) has expressed our concern to the Ways and Means Committee about increasing the cost of doing business with legitimate lawn care and pest control professionals driving customers to use unlicensed individuals.

We are asking that you contact the members of the Ways and Means Committee and ask them to oppose HB 1515 or exempt 561710 (Pest control) and 561730 (Lawn/landscaping). 

Please explain how this would impact your business and your customers and ask them to vote no!

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