2 Senior Managers of Operations - Columbus, Dayton

Hometown Urgent Care

Company................. Hometown Urgent Care
Position................ Senior Manager of Operations- 2 positions Columbus Region and Dayton Region
JobDescription.......... The Senior Manager of Operations has accountability and responsibility for planning, organizing, developing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating activities of for care centers in the organization. The Senior Manager of Operations participates in making decisions regarding day-to-day operations of the care centers in a manner consistent with the organization’s core values. The Senior Manager of Operations is responsible for the overall management of finance throughout the care centers. Responsibilities include providing leadership in areas of patient services, issues related to short and long-term financial planning, capital and operational budgeting, revenue generation and expense management, financial analysis, financial operations, and the EMR system.
•Use change leadership skills to ensure staff remain motivated and productive throughout the transition to an EMR.
•Responsible for insuring completeness and integrity for the revenue cycle and acts on concerns regarding revenue.
•Participates in the development of short and long term objectives that will assure the continued growth of Hometown Urgent Care.
•Participates in annual budgeting processes to ensure timely and accurate compilation of budgets.
•Demonstrates business planning and service line development/expansion in conjunction with strategic initiatives.
•Insures that financial analyses, financial forecasts, capital plans and routine reports are completed accurately and within established schedules.
•Maintains adequate staffing reflecting cost efficiency for all areas of supervision.
•Communicates effectively and provides leadership and support to all members of Hometown Urgent Care to insure achievement of common goals and objectives.
•Establishes and maintains a system of checks and balances to control and safeguard revenue integrity.
•Makes recommendations to corporate administration concerning means for reducing costs and/or increasing revenue based on market trends and industry operating procedures.
•Maintains an adequate balance between legal and financial responsibility to insure compliance with the external laws and regulations, and the responsibility to provide service to Hometown Urgent Care.
•Knowledgeable of current and future policies, practices, trends, regulatory and licensing requirements and other information affecting the industry and the organization.
•Designs and implements solutions into the operations of the business, to address factors impacting current and future needs of business.
•Participates in ongoing learning environments both within and outside Hometown Urgent Care.
Minimum Required:

•5 to 10 years of progressively responsible financial administrative experience within hospital system or healthcare RCM preferred.
•5 years in a senior leadership capacity strongly desirable.
•Must have broad experience with healthcare operations, people leadership, and transition/change management.

•Must have a well-developed understanding of computer applications and information technology and be able to network the resources necessary to marry financial planning with the clinical and operating systems of the organization.
•Ability to communicate long term goals and lead leadership team in development and implementation of performance improvement initiatives.
•Ability to execute large scale transition while monitoring ongoing changes for performance impact.
Requires travel between the various locations, occasional travel out of the area and travel to outside offices.

•Leadership Competencies:
Mission and Commitment
Conveys a compelling vision of the future, wins buy-in to the mission and core purpose
- Inspires people to stretch for worthwhile goals and instills pride in excellence and in belonging to the organization
- Works to strengthen organization’s value and service to the community
- Professional image enhances stature of the organization
Personal Characteristics
- Sets an example of professional conduct
- Demonstrates concern for people at all levels of the organization
- Has the courage to stand alone to defend an unpopular decision
- Demonstrates awareness of personal strengths, weaknesses, improvement needs and limitations
Customer Focus
- Takes personal responsibility for customer/patient satisfaction and loyalty
- Solicits customer/patient feedback to discover opportunities for improvement and inspires others to do same
Teamwork and Collaboration
- Fosters an atmosphere of open and honest communication
- Keeps employees informed and seeks input regarding decisions impacting them
- Inspires peak performance from employees and teams regardless of obstacles
- Builds support on issues that are important to the business
Continuous Improvement
- Sets high standards for quality products and services
- Creates and supports a culture of continuous learning and improvement
- Uses quantitative and qualitative measurements to manage improvement processes
Developing Others
- Establishes direction based on long-term strategy
- Motivates and inspires others
- Gets factions with competing perspectives to learn from one another
- Manages to people’s strengths, integrating efforts and talents to achieve new levels of excellence
•Change Leadership
•Ability to link disparate ideas and concepts from a wide range of internal and external sources
- Creates and communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of purpose
- Mobilizes people to face, define, and solve problems
- Develops capacity of others to anticipate and adapt to change
- Inspires and motivates entire units or organizations with a sense of urgency and focus on results
•Strategic Ability
- Secures information and identifies key issues and relationships relevant to achieving a long-range goal or vision
- Maintains and fosters in others, an understanding of Dignity Health’s business environment as well as an awareness of economic, religious, social and political trends that may impact the organization

ExpDate................. 03/01/2013
ContactPerson........... Anna Cameron
Phone................... 614-505-7614
Fax..................... 614-505-1106