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June 28, 2024
Op-Ed: New OAPA President Nathan Hart, MS, MBA, PA-C, on Impacting the Future of OAPA and PA Clinical Practice

May 31, 2024
Op-Ed: OAPA President Matthew Freado, MBA, PA-C, on the Realities of Legislative Progress, Why It Matters, and How You Can Help

March 25, 2024
Op-Ed: Paul M. Amiott, PA-C, EMT-P on Collaboration Between State and Specialty PA Organizations: Helping PAs Remove Barriers to Practice at Our Full Capability

February 26, 2024
Op-Ed: Melissa Bowlby, MHA, MSBS, PA-C, and Jeff Fisher, DMSc, PA-C, DFAAPA on Developing Future Leaders: Why it Matters to the PA Profession

January 27, 2024
Op-Ed: Danielle Spatholt, MSBS, PA-C, on OAPA Engagement as a Solution to Burn Out

December 27, 2023
Op-Ed: OAPA Region 7 Director, Anu Mathur, MS, PA-C, on Why PAs Should Pay it Forward: A Call for Physician Assistants to Take the Lead in PA Education

November 28, 2023
Op-Ed: OAPA President Matthew Freado, MPAP, PA-C, on Why YOUR MEMBERSHIP MATTERS: A Vote for Professional Advancement in Ohio

October 29, 2023
Op-Ed: Shannon Urena, PA-C, on Finding the Value of PA Community

September 29, 2023
Op-Ed: Michell McDiffett, PA-C, on the Patient Experience