Maintaining a License

A license to practice as a PA in the State of Ohio expires every 2 years. One month prior to the expiration date, a notice will be sent by the Ohio State Medical Board notifying you that your license is about to expire. All PA licenses expire on January 31st of an even numbered year.


In order to renew/maintain your Ohio License individuals must:

  • Be currently certified by the NCCPA (
  • Have completed at least 100 CME hours
  • Have completed an additional 12 CME hours that are pharmacology specific. Submitted to OSMB with renewal application.
    • Tip: OAPA offers an annual Pharmacology Conference to help obtain these CME requirements
    • Tip: Pharm CME is pro-rated. If you are licensed in January 2019, you will only need 6 Pharm CME credits at the time of renewal in January 31, 2020 (next upcoming renewal for all PAs)
  • Complete a renewal application online with the OSMB (
  • Send $200 application renewal fee