Political Action Committee

OAPA PAC is a bipartisan committee that oversees and directs OAPA’s engagement with candidates and elected officials who support the Physician Assistant Profession.

 Donate to the OAPA-PAC

Why donate?

The OAPA PAC enables OAPA members to actively participate in elections in Ohio. The OAPA PAC also permits OAPA members to support candidates that will positively impact the Physician Assistant profession in Ohio through legislation that will continue to improve the profession.


I thought my membership dues pay for this?

The PAC is a completely separate entity from the OAPA and donations can only be made to it from individuals.  Your membership dues, in part, are used to pay the lobbying firm of Bricker & Eckler for the time they spend lobbying for OAPA at the General Assembly and State agencies such as the Medical Board.


Are my donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, donations to OAPA's Political Action Committee are not deductible as a charitable contribution due to federal income tax purposes.

However, if you are looking to make a tax deductible donation under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Service Code you may donate to one of OAPA's several of our other funds.