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HB412 Voted out of Senate Health Committee

HB 412 was voted out of the Senate Health Committee on Tuesday, December 9, 2015.  It has not yet been scheduled for a vote in the full Senate.

Content Summary

Eliminates the Medical Board approval of supervision agreements.  Eliminates the $25 filing fee.  Combines the supervisory plan with the supervision agreement so there will only be one document.

Creates ONE process for applications for license to practice and prescribe (presently there are three application processes).

Changes the language from “certificate to practice” to “license.”

 Removes the 60 minute requirement travel time for the physician and allows the physician to determine what distance is safe.

Allows PAs to delegate to MAs.

Removes the restrictive “list” of procedures a PA may perform and allows the physician to delegate duties within his/her scope of practice.

Increases the number of PAs a physician may supervise at one time to 3 (presently it is at 2).

Allows PAs from another jurisdiction that have been practicing and prescribing for 3 or more consecutive years to obtain a license to practice and prescribe without a master’s degree.

Clarify the wording: routinely practices to “where the physician has oversight and control”.

Respiratory Care update to reflect changes in PA Code (identifying PAs as able to order RT)

Technical update for PAs in Nursing Code (adding PAs into nursing code to direct RNs and LPNs)

 Grandfathering  PAs  with current prescriptive authority (PAs grandfathered back in 2006 and 2007  will keep their prescriptive authority)

 Filing of Supervision Agreements with the Medical Board (agreements will be kept on file in the office and at the Medical Board but will not be placed on the OSMB website)

Technical amendment dealing with OARRS wording in PA code and other codes to conform to previously passed bills

Amendments Added in the Senate Health Committee with no impact on PAs:

  1. Content of HB 301 (nursing ability to delegate to MA) – no impact on PAs
  2.  A nursing amendment that  deals with out of state CME requirements for APNs - no impact on PAs
  3. Updating Affidavit initiating process for court ordered treatment – no impact on PAs
  4. Court Ordered treatment of mentally ill – no impact on PAs
  5. Exempts Motorsport parks that hold NASCAR Events from licensure as an RV park – no impact on PAs


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