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HB412 Fails to Pass the Ohio General Assembly


HB 412, the PA bill, did not receive House concurrence yesterday and is now dead.  We will now start all over again in January 2015 with the same content.

The bill was passed by the Senate but only after a very controversial insurance amendment was added.  House members had great concerns about this amendment and our sponsor did not want to say anything negative about her bill (in this case the controversial amendment) so the Speaker of the House decided not to place the bill on the agenda for the last House session of the year.

For those of you not familiar with the process, if a House bill is amended in the Senate, the bill must go back to the House for concurrence.  Since HB412 was not on the House agenda there could be no concurrence and the bill died.

There was nothing OAPA could have done to change this outcome.

GAC Chair Josanne Pagel and our lobbyists met with the President of the Senate yesterday seeking his support and to discuss a plan for early introduction and quick passage of the PA bill in 2015.  Our lobbyists have already begun seeking a sponsor in the Senate.

PAs are looked upon with great respect by the Ohio General Assembly and we hope for passage of the PA bill as soon as possible next year.

Please feel free to contact OAPA if you have any questions.

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