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PA Bill Introduced - SB55

SB55 – the 2015 PA bill has been introduced. 

OAPA with the support of their professional lobbying firm have been working for two years at great expense to pass a PA Bill that will address or eliminate nine barriers to practice including: 

  • Elimination of the 60 minute law;
  • Allows physicians to supervise up to three PAs;
  • Allows physicians to dictate the scope of practice of their PA, not the “List”;
  • Changes “Certificate to Practice” to “License” to eliminate reimbursement problems;
  • Combines certificate to practice and certificate to prescribe into one license;
  • Eliminates Medical Board approval of supervision agreements;
  • Combines the supervision agreement with the supervisory plan;
  • Allows a PA to delegate to MAs, RTs and RNs;
  • Recognizes PA experience in other jurisdictions and military service.

Now that SB55 has been introduced, the fight to pass this legislation begins immediately with continued efforts by OAPA and their lobbying firm.  To help SB55 succeed in 2015, OAPA needs your help and support.  

We encourage each and every PA in Ohio to join or renew your membership in OAPA, to attend OAPA conferences and to contribute to the OAPA Legislative Fund. 

To join or renew go to “Join/Renew” on the website Home page.  To register for the Pharmacology Conference go to “Conferences” on the website Home page.  Contribute to the Legislative Fund.

Your support is critical to this effort and we thank you.


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