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PA Rules Update - October 2007

The Ohio State Medical Board, at their October meeting, formally adopted the PA rules (with the exception of the formulary). The rules (with the exception of the formulary) will become effective on October 31, 2007.

Application instructions and forms are being finalized by the Medical Board staff and they will be made available on the Medical Board website ( on, or shortly after, October 31st.

The Medical Board also authorized the formulary be filed with the Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review (JCARR). This body is made up of Senators and Representatives and verifies that the rules meet the intent of the law.

A public hearing will be scheduled on the formulary but we do not yet have a date for the hearing.

The fact that the formulary is lagging behind the rest of the rules is not viewed as a problem by OAPA because PAs will use the APN formulary until the PA formulary becomes effective, probably at the beginning of 2008.

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