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Pharmacists Rejecting PA Prescriptions


It has come to our attention that prescriptions written by PAs are being rejected by some pharmacists around the state. The PAs are being told that they need a DEA number in order to get the prescription filled, even for non-scheduled drugs. As you are aware, PAs cannot yet apply for a DEA number as the DEA does not yet recognize Ohio as a state where PAs can prescribe.

OAPA met with the Pharmacy Board and was told that the reason the pharmacists are requesting a DEA number is because the number is used for billing purposes so without the number, the patients are unable to get reimbursed by their insurance company.

As of May 23, 2008, insurance companies will begin using NPI numbers. If you have an NPI number, put it on your prescriptions along with your CTP number. If you do not have an NPI number, you will need to obtain one. Please go to NPI for your number or obtain one.

OAPA realizes that this is very frustrating for PAs and asks that you be patient until you get your DEA number or the pharmacists begin accepting NPI numbers.

You can still complete your 1000 provisional hours as all the hours you work count (only under on-site supervision for the first 500) regardless of whether or not you write a prescription for your patient. Part of the provisional training is to know when not to write a prescription as well as when to write one.

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