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Business Meeting Notice and Proposed Bylaws Amendment


Saturday, October 11, 2008
12:15 1:30 PM
Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn/I-675
2800 Presidential Drive
Fairborn, OH
For Directions: or OAPA at 800/292-4997

The agenda will include an update on the progress of the certificate to prescribe applications, reports and a proposed bylaws amendment. Any member having a question or wishing to place an issue on the agenda should contact Beth Adamson at the OAPA office.

You do NOT have to be registered for the Pharmacology Conference to attend the Business Meeting.

The meeting will be held during lunch. If you are NOT attending the conference and would like to have lunch, there is a $25.00 charge to cover your meal, payable at the door. Please RSVP by October 1, 2008 to the OAPA office (800/292-4997 or

If you are registered for the conference, your lunch is included in the fee and you do not have to RSVP.

Seating will be available for those who want to attend the meeting but NOT have lunch. No RSVP is required.


The following proposed bylaws amendment will be voted on by those attending the OAPA Business Meeting at 12:15 PM on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at the Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn in Fairborn, OH.

If you are not attending the meeting and would like to vote by proxy on the amendment, you may obtain a form from the OAPA office.

1. Rationale for Changes to Committee References:

The OAPA Board of Directors and other OAPA members participated in a strategic planning session in July 2008. One of the outcomes of the session was the need to realign the committees to encourage member participation and make the process more efficient and productive. Removal of language referring to specific committees and duties will allow more flexibility to realign the committees.

Therefore, the Board of Directors moves the following amendments to the OAPA Bylaws:

Deleted language in Italics
New language in Bold

Article IX:Committees

There shall be such committees as may be specified by the Board of Directors with such authority and responsibility as may be delegated by the Board of Directors or specified in the bylaws. There shall be the following Standing Committees: a) membership, b) government affairs, c) elections, d) conference planning, e) newsletter, f) web page, g) effectiveness, h) diversity awareness, I) student affairs, j) public relations/education k) bylaws and l) reimbursement.

Section 1: The chairs of each standing committee shall serve for a term of one year, commencing on July 1. All committee chairs shall be appointed by the President, with the majority approval of the Board of Directors, and shall be subject to removal by the Board of Directors. Committee Chairs are not part of the Board of Directors but shall be responsible to the President or Board of Directors.

Section 2: Each standing committee shall be responsible for the performance of the duties and functions delegated to it by the Board of Directors or the President.

Section 3: Standing committees shall hold regular meetings and shall make periodic written reports to the Board of Directors through the President.

Section 4: Special (ad hoc) committees may be appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board for such special tasks as circumstances warrant.

Article X:Duties of the Standing Committees

Section 1: The Membership Committee shall encourage and promote the increase of OAPA membership by coordinating the recruitment, retention and development of the organization's members.

Section 2: The Government Affairs Committee shall monitor current legislation and policies that have an effect on the physician assistant profession and when necessary coordinate the proactive lobbying for improved quality and standards for PA's practicing in the state of Ohio and encourage the membership to take a role in the legislative process.

Section 3: The Elections Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors and AAPA House of Delegates. The Committee shall establish rules and regulations governing the elections. The Committee shall conduct the elections in the manner discussed in Article VII.

Section 4: The Conference Planning Committee shall be in charge of coordinating educational conferences, seminars and forums and of actively pursuing other fundraising avenues to supplement conference revenues.

Section 5: The Newsletter Committee shall facilitate submission of articles and coordinate publication of the OAPA newsletter on a publishing schedule specified by the Board of Directors.

Section 6: The Web Page Committee shall insure timely maintenance of the web page and investigate and facilitate sources of revenue from the web page.

Section 7: The Effectiveness Committee shall serve as an unbiased contact for PA's who are having effectiveness issues on the job and shall develop programs to assist those PA's.

Section 8: The Diversity Awareness Committee shall develop projects to increase diversity within the PA community and patient base and serve as a contact and resource to members who have diversity issues relating to their professional activities.

Section 9: The Student Affairs Committee shall encourage student participation in the association, facilitate scholarship awards, coordinate opportunities for students to network and act as liaison to the physician assistant programs in Ohio.

Section 10: The Public Relations and Education Committee shall develop programs to advance the PA profession in Ohio, act as a liaison between the association and the media and facilitate public service announcements and press releases whenever appropriate.

Section 11: The Bylaws Committee shall annually review the OAPA Bylaws, Constitution and Policy Manual and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for modifications.

Section 12: The Reimbursement Committee shall provide a forum for gathering, discussing and dispersing information regarding reimbursement issues for Ohio PAs.

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