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Volunteer for a Committee - Conference Calls Scheduled

As you are all aware, OAPA has restructured its committees to facilitate greater participation by member volunteers. The committees have been defined and objectives developed to give each committee activities to work on right away. The list is at the bottom of this Bulletin.

Organizational conference calls have been scheduled for 7:00 PM for about an hour on:

December 2 - Membership and Communication

December 3 - Professional Practice

December 4 - Government Affairs and Reimbursement

December 9 - Conference Planning

December 10 - Judicial and Ethical (7:00) AND Nominations (8:00)

These calls will be organizational in nature with those on the committee then deciding when they would next like to have a call. A member of the OAPA Board of Directors has been assigned to each committee to act in an advisory capacity. Committee members will select a chair. OAPA staff will support all the committees in their work.

We encourage you to review the committee information below and select a committee you would like to participate on.

Then, contact the OAPA office at or 800/292-4997 and we will put you on the committee roster and send the conference call access numbers to you.

Thank you for volunteering and we look forward to making progress in 2009.



This committee is comprised of three subcommittees dealing with:
2)Newsletter and Website
3)Public Education and Education Issues

The Membership Subcommittee of the Membership Development and Communication Committee shall encourage and promote the increase of OAPA membership by coordinating the recruitment, retention and development of the organization's members.

Membership Subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1. Outline the benefits of joining OAPA
2.Create a membership brochure
3. Plan membership outreach to students
4. Plan a membership drive and address membership retention
5.Develop membership directory either electronically or printed

The Newsletter and Website subcommittee of the Membership Development and Communications Committee shall facilitate submission of articles and coordinate publication of the OAPA newsletter, contribute content to the website and make suggestions on improving the website.

Newsletter and Website Subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Explore publishing a newsletter and who would be responsible for content.
2.Develop a student section for the website
3.Make recommendations for a "Forum" section on the website
4.Explore adding CME to the website
5.Review and make suggestions for improving the website and facilitate sources of revenue

The Public Relations and Education subcommittee of the Membership Development and Communications Committee shall develop programs to advance the PA profession in Ohio, act as a liaison between the Association, the media and physician organizations and facilitate public service announcements and press releases whenever appropriate.

Public Relations and Education Subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Coordinate with AAPA public relations efforts in Ohio
2.Develop informational brochures, CDs for physicians and PAs
3.Develop and coordinate Health Literacy Programs in Ohio with AAPA
4.Develop liaisons between OAPA and the different physician groups in Ohio
5.Promote National PA week by making funds available to each region for pre-approved activities.
6.Maintain and update the OAPA display


This committee will be comprised of three subcommittees dealing with:
1) Diversity,
2) Student Affairs
3) Liaison Relations

The Diversity Awareness subcommittee of the Professional Practice and Relations Committee shall advance OAPA's commitment to diversity in all its various aspects,
develop projects to increase diversity within the PA community and patient base and serve as a contact and resource to members who have diversity issues relating to their professional activities.

Diversity Committee 2009 Objectives
1.Recruit minority members for the Board and Committees.
2.Develop a mentoring program for minority students
3.Identify and address issues of ethnic and cultural diversity
4.Identify CME opportunities that impact cultural diversity issues
5.Promote sensitivity and awareness of diversity throughout the profession

The Student Affairs subcommittee of the Professional Practice and Relations Committee shall encourage student participation in the association, facilitate scholarship awards, coordinate opportunities for students to network and act as a liaison to the physician assistant programs in Ohio.

Student Affairs Subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Redesign the scholarship program
2.Recommend fundraising events for scholarship fund
3.Develop a professional development pathway at each annual conference for students and practicing PAs.
4.Develop, with the help of student representatives, a Student Society of OAPA
5.Recommend a dues structure for students
6.Coordinate attendance at OAPA board meetings by student leadership of the Ohio PA programs
7.Develop a student page on the website with a member from each program on the website committee
8.Explore having a Student Challenge Bowl at each annual conference as well as Poster presentations from each of the programs
9.Attend orientation of incoming students with a presentation of what OAPA has to offer each student and encourage PA programs to have OAPA membership applications as part of their orientation process.

The Liaison Relations subcommittee will develop and maintain liaisons with physician organizations and the Ohio PA programs.

Liaison Relations subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Develop liaisons with all the physician groups in Ohio
2.Develop liaisons with each PA program.


The Conference Planning Committee shall be in charge of coordinating educational conferences, seminars and forums. Note that there are detailed activity descriptions for conference planning in the OAPA Policy Manual.

Conference Planning committee 2009 Objectives

1.Finalize topic selection, learning objectives and speaker identification and confirmation for the March 2009 pharmacology conference.
2.Develop a theme, topics and learning objectives and identify and confirm speakers for the 2009 Annual Conference.
3.Make recommendations for other CME conferences or forums.


The Judicial & Ethical Affairs Committee is comprised of three subcommittees dealing with:
1) Bylaws
2) PA Effectiveness
3) Ways and Means Issues

The Bylaws subcommittee of the Judicial and Ethical Affairs Committee shall annually review the OAPA Bylaws, Constitution and Policy Manual and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for modifications.

Bylaws Subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Prepare amendments for the development of a Student Society of the OAPA
2.Interpret current bylaws content as required
3.Determine consistency between AAPA and OAPA bylaws
4.Review ethical standards and form an ad hoc committee as needed
5.Assist the AAPA Chief Delegate with preparation of resolutions

The PA Effectiveness subcommittee of the Judicial and Ethical Affairs Committee shall serve as unbiased contacts for PAs who are having effectiveness issues on the job and shall refer them to the Ohio Physician Assistant Effectiveness Program (OPEP) for assistance.

PA Effectiveness subcommittee - 2009 Objectives

1.Establish awareness of the resources available to impaired PA practitioners.
2.Establish those liaisons with physician professional wellness committees and organizations.
3.Establish a confidential link on the web-site for impaired PAs to voluntarily seek assistance.
4.Develop a listing of local and statewide rehabilitation centers, toll-free hotlines and other centers for addictive problems.
5.Keep necessary confidentiality
6.Establish liaisons with Ohio physician professional wellness committees

The Ways and Means subcommittee of the Judicial and Ethical Affairs Committee recommends a budget for Board approval in January of each year, makes recommendations for philanthropic and fundraising activities and develops policy for the Association's financial investments.

Ways and Means subcommittee 2009 Objectives

1.Review and recommend annual budget for 2009
2.Develop selection criteria for the annual philanthropic cause
3.Develop a financial investment policy


The Government Affairs and Reimbursement Committee shall monitor current legislation and policies that have an effect on the physician assistant profession and when necessary coordinate the proactive lobbying for improved quality and standards for PAs practicing in the state of Ohio and encourage the membership to take a role in the legislative process.

Monitor state and federal reimbursement laws that affect the physician assistant profession and when necessary coordinate proactive lobbying for improvements.

Ensure that current statutes and agency rules regarding Physician Assistants are fairly interpreted and applied.

Carry out activities leading to passage of legislation and promulgation of agency rules which the Board has determined as being beneficial to the constituency.

Government Affairs and Reimbursement Committee 2009 Objectives

1.Continue effort to have Ohio Dept of Jobs & Family Services (ODJFS) rules changed to reflect the changes in Ohio statute 4730.
2.Monitor the Advanced Practice Nurses Bill to allow them to prescribe Class 1 medications.
3.Compile a library of OSMB approved Special Services Plans for use by our members as well as examples of Quality Assurance Plans
4.Compile a library of approved Hospital Bylaws that reflect the changes in Ohio Statute 4730
5.Make available to our members examples of approved hospital allowed procedures for specialty PAs
6.Monitor the PAPC minutes to insure that their decisions regarding Special Services reflect accurate scope of practice information
7.Reach out to practicing PAs in Ohio for any problems with reimbursement issues and make available to members ways in which to rectify their problem or use our legal means to insure uniform reimbursement throughout Ohio.
8.Develop fact sheets on reimbursement


The Nominations and Elections Committee shall prepare a slate of candidates to fill positions on the Board of Directors and AAPA House of Delegates. The Committee shall review the rules and regulations governing the elections and revise as needed. The Committee shall conduct the elections in the manner outlined in Article VII of the Bylaws.

Elections Committee 2009 Objectives

1.Recruit volunteers to run for open positions on the OAPA Board of Directors and also for Delegates to AAPA for elections held in the Spring of 2009
2.Submit a slate of candidates to the OAPA Board of Directors for elections held in the Spring of 2009.
3.Should a vacancy occur during a term, make recommendations for an appointment to the vacancy

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