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Student Research - Avian Influenza Virus Survey

Ohio Physician Assistants,

Please consider taking an anonymous online survey which will assess your perception and knowledge of the avian influenza (AI) virus. The link to the survey and a mission statement to the study the survey is a part of can be found below. Estimated completion time is 5 minutes.
Thank you.

Mission Statement:

This survey is designed with three intentions; 1) to gauge physician assistants' (PAs') perception of the risk AI infection poses to human health on the global, national, and state scales, 2) to assess PAs' experience with discussion of avian influenza, and 3) to identify areas of potential improvement in Ohio's health care system with regard to AI.

A PA may be the primary source of reputable medical information for a lay person, especially in the case of an animal or human outbreak in which there is media attention. If a PA is aware of AI infection's current attributes they may appropriately diagnose and manage a patient in their care and disseminate necessary information to the public when called upon.

Participation in this survey is anonymous and non-obligatory. Completion implies consent to the use of the results by the chief researcher, Alexander Heckman PA-S, Kettering College of Medical Arts, class 2009.

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