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OAPA PAC Challenge

PAC Challenge

OAPA Government Affairs Chair Josanne Pagel, during the recent pharmacology conference, challenged the Board of Directors and OAPA members to match her $100 donation to the OAPA Political Action Committee (PAC). 24 people met the challenge and $2100 was raised for the PAC.

As OAPA moves forward with the comprehensive modernization PA bill, it will be important to support the campaign efforts of the legislators that are friends of PAs, on key committees and also in Ohio General Assembly party leadership.

Upon recommendations from our lobbyist the OAPA PAC makes contributions to fundraisers held by the legislators. The fundraisers are attended by our lobbyist and OAPA GARC members where they have an opportunity to meet the legislator and educate him or her on the PA profession and PA issues.

The PAC is a separate fund and not the same as the OAPA Legal Fund which is used to support lobbying on our behalf by Bricker and Eckler. OAPA by law, cannot contribute funds from the association to the PAC. All PAC funds need to come from individuals that support OAPA and its legislative efforts.

It is never too late to donate to the PAC and join the list of recent contributors. A donation in any amount is welcome. You may send a check, made out to OAPA-PAC to the office or For secure online registration, Register Today! Thank you for your support.

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