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SubHB284 - Bad News and Good News

The Bad News: There has been no action on SubHB284 since it was voted out of the House Health Committee in mid-February.  It has not yet been scheduled for a House floor vote and OAPA is now being told that it is doubtful it will be heard until later this year.

The Good News: Thanks to a suggestion from GAC Chair Josanne Pagel, the sponsors of SubHB284, Representatives Gonzales and Letson, were able to insert an amendment into HB487 that would allow PAs to prescribe Schedule II and also take the formulary out of the rule process.  The rationale for the Schedule II amendment was work force access for PAs and the formulary language was added by LSC when drafting the amendment.

HB487 is the Mid-year Budget Review bill and it was passed by the House of Representatives on April 25.  The Schedule II and formulary language remained intact.

The bill will now go to the Senate for consideration.  Our lobbyists and sponsors will be working very hard to gather support for the PA language in HB487 as it moves through the Senate.  You may be called upon by OAPA to contact your Senator to encourage support.