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HB284 to Move After Elections

The Ohio General Assembly is in recess until after the November election.  Once they return, HB284 will return to the Health Committee where it will receive three amendments.  The first will be the removal of the birth control language and the second will be removal of language referring to the Medical Home Model (this language was included and passed in another piece of legislation).

In a new development, the third amendment will be the addition of language that will allow a veteran with a degree obtained from a program accredited by the accreditation review commission on education for the physician assistant and have had at least three years active duty as a physician assistant in the armed forces of the United States, national guard of any state, United States public health service, marine hospital service, or veterans administration to receive a license to practice and a certificate to prescribe without a master's degree.  This language was added at the request of the Governor’s office.

OAPA has received assurances from Health Committee Chair Wachtmann and the bill’s co-sponsor Anne Gonzales that, once these changes have been made, HB284 will be voted out of committee and go to the House floor and then to the Senate Health Committee.

OAPA has also received assurances that once in the Senate, HB284 will move through quickly and be done by the end of the year.  OAPA is encouraged by this information and will continue to work with leadership in both the House and Senate to see that it happens.

Also on the legislative front, OAPA met with the lobbyist for the Ohio State Medical Board to discuss future legislation that would address PA practice and utilization.  OAPA will continue to work with the Medical Board and physician groups when planning for legislation in 2013.