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HB284 Passed by Senate Health Committee

Substitute HB284 was passed by the Senate Health Committee on December 5 but not before it was amended by the Committee Chairman.  This means that the bill will need to go back to the House for concurrence adding one more step to the process.  OAPA hopes that HB284 will be on both the Senate and House floor next week.

As a reminder, the bill will:

  1. Allow PAs to make pronouncements of death.  Physicians may rely on this pronouncement when they sign a death certificate. 
  2. Allow PAs to insert and remove chest tubes and prescribe PT and OT treatment.
  3. Give PAs schedule II prescriptive authority.
  4. Exempt out of state PAs from the prescriptive provisional period if they provide an affidavit of prescriptive authority from another jurisdiction to the Ohio State Medical Board; (the PA must still obtain the 45 hours of continuing medical education before applying for the certificate to prescribe).
  5. Improve the process for amending the PA formulary in response to the Medical Boards’ desire to update the formulary in a more timely fashion (since      2006, the formulary has been updated only once.)
  6. Clarify PA authority to provide emergency services and direct emergency service      providers
  7. Allow PAs to write DNR orders.
  8. Allow PAs to practice in times of a natural disaster, under the supervision of the medical director in charge of that disaster site.
  9. Provide veterans with the ability to practice when those veterans have training and experience equivalent to a master’s lever training program in a    traditional PA program.

The amendment will allow APNs to pronounce death with the same restrictions as PAs and also allow RNs to pronounce death in limited locations (hospice and palliative care).