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Schedule II and the DEA

PA Schedule II and the DEA

You cannot currently prescribe Schedule II even though HB284 passed. 

When a state changes its laws pertaining to controlled substances the changes do not go into effect “automatically.”  After a state authorizes controlled drug prescribing for PAs or changes the schedules PAs are authorized to prescribe, the DEA Office of Chief Counsel reviews the law and/or regs to assure that the DEA should indeed register PAs, and for which schedules.

This means that when HB284 becomes law in March, you probably will not be able to prescribe Schedule II at that time but will need to wait until Ohio gets DEA approval.

In order for this review to occur, the Ohio State Medical Board must send the new law or regulation to the Office of the Chief Counsel for the DEA.

This review can take several months to complete, and PAs may not register with the DEA nor prescribe the medications authorized by the new law or regulation until the DEA reviews and approves the change.

In addition, the OSMB will need to update the PA Formulary to indicate what category the Schedule II drugs will appear.  This should happen in the rule process.

OAPA will continue to urge the OSMB to finalize the rules and file the appropriate information with DEA as soon as possible.


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