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New PA Practice Law Effective March 22

Effective today (March 22, 2013) PAs can now:

  1. Make pronouncements of death.
  2. Insert and remove chest tubes.
  3. Prescribe PT and OT treatment.
  4. Provide emergency services and direct emergency service providers.
  5. Write DNR orders.
  6. Practice in times of a natural disaster under the supervision of the medical director in charge of that disaster site.

Also effective today (March 22, 2013)

PAs now have Schedule II prescriptive authority but CANNOT Write for Schedule II at this time.  The DEA must recognize Ohio as a state where PAs can write for Schedule II.  This could take 6-8 months.  OAPA will notify you when it is legal to write for Schedule II.

A new, updated PA Formulary is available for view on the OSMB website.  The formulary has been removed from the rule process and will now be routinely updated.

Out-of-state PAs will be exempt from the prescriptive provisional period if they have held prescriptive authority in another jurisdiction and a Masters from an ARC-PA program.

Veterans that hold a degree from a program accredited by ARC-PA and have experience practicing as a physician assistant for at least three consecutive years while on active duty in any of the armed forces of the United States or the national guard of any state, including any experience attained while practicing as a physician assistant at a health care facility or clinic operated by the United States department of veterans affairs can obtain a license and certificate to prescribe without a Masters Degree.

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