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HB412 - Contact Your State Representative Now!


Ohio PAs:

Last week, House Bill 412, the Physician Assistant code update, was unanimously reported (passed) out of the House Health & Aging Committee. Thank you to those who contacted committee members asking for their support, we are happy that this bill was so well-received by the committee members.

Now, it is time to encourage all Representatives to put H.B. 412 on floor of the Ohio House of Representatives for a vote and to support that bill with a “yes” vote.

The Ohio legislature will go on summer recess in June, and will not return until November. It is imperative that the bill be passed by the House before summer recess. For this to happen, we need to show our support for this piece of legislation.


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In asking for support, you should convey to Representatives:

-         The unanimous support for this legislation in the House committee

-         The bill is not opposed by any physician group, the Ohio State Medical Board or the Ohio Hospital Association.

-         Patient safety is paramount and the PA training, supervision agreements, and hospital policies all serve as safeguards for patients.

-         Physician Assistants are highly trained practitioners and serve an important role in our health care system by increasing access to quality health care for patients across the state.

-         PAs are dependent practitioners who work closely with their supervising physician and should be able to practice at the top of their license and within the full scope of their practice.

Please report back to OAPA on any information you think will be helpful as we work to get this bill called up for a floor vote.

Representative Anne Gonzales is the bill sponsor and has been working to move this bill forward. If you call her office, please thank her for her hard work in support of physician assistants!


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OAPA thanks you for your assistance and please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions.  800/292-4997 or


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