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Beware the National Board of Physician Assistants


From AAPA:

You may be aware of or have received an unsolicited communication from an organization referring to itself as the National Board of Physician Assistants.

The organization claims to want to recognize you with an “award of Diplomate” plaque, which it will sell you for a fee.

Please note that AAPA is not affiliated with the National Board of Physician Assistants and does not endorse any of its activities or programs. AAPA also has verified that this organization is not recognized as a nonprofit by the federal government.

We recommend that before sending your information and your money to any organization, you do your due diligence by researching the entity properly and thoroughly.

In addition to the above alert from AAPA, OAPA has tried to find information on the academies and institutes listed in the body of the letter and, if they do have a website, it does not have any type of contact information. Many of the groups listed also have the same address and cross reference each other.

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