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BWC NEWS...October Updates

Workers’ comp updates for this month consist of two program enrollment deadlines, new website address for the BWC, and news about the last wave of dividend credit checks from BWC’s Billion Back initiative.  

Upcoming Deadlines:

October 31: Drug Free Safety Program (DFSP) application deadline for a 1/1/2014 start date. The DFSP allows employers to implement a drug/alcohol policy, testing and safety training program to earn a discount on their premiums. Participating employers can receive a 4% (Basic Level) or 7% (Advanced Level) discount.

October 31: Transitional Work Bonus (TWBP) application deadline for a 1/1/2014 start date. The TWBP rewards eligible employers using approved transitional work plans to bring employees back to work from a work-related injury. Participating employers can receive up to 10% back of pure premium for successful use of this program.

Group Retrospective Rating Refunds: If your company participated in a group retro program in the 2011 policy year and are owed a refund (all private CCI programs are!), you should be receiving it very shortly. You will also be receiving your Dividend Credit check, part of the Billion Back initiative, within the next few weeks if you haven’t already. BWC has indicated to us that they have completed this process as of 10/7/13.  

New Web Address: BWC has a new web address. (Don’t worry, if you can’t remember the old address it will re-route you to the new one)!

Unemployment Compensation News: Our Unemployment Team strives to keep our clients abreast of any changes in unemployment compensation. Due to a recent federally-mandated change, all employers are required to adhere to strict new rules relating to unemployment claims compliance which goes into effect by October 21, 2013. If you are not in compliance, your business could be at risk of being charged penalties involving claim overpayments. Please contact my colleague Kammy Staton to learn about these changes. Kammy can be reached at 800-837-3200 ext. 7165. 

Kammy will also review these changes and other unemployment topics in an unemployment webinar being held December 11@ 10 a.m. and December 12 @ 2:00 p.m. Additional details regarding the webinar will be included in my November email.  Mark your calendars now!   

Safety Reminder: As you may know already, changes have been made to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard that involves the adoption of the Globally Harmonized System, or GHS.  If you have any type of potentially hazardous material in your workplace, you must have a written and communicated Hazard Communication program in place. The HazCom standard, as it is commonly referred to, is the third most cited standard in the United States.  The provisions of GHS include Hazard Classification, Labels, Safety Data Sheets, and Information and Training (which must be completed by 12/1/13!).

For more information, such as downloadable PowerPoint programs that contain information to help you build your own training modules, you can visit and click on “Hazard Communications”. You may also contact Bob Cannell with our partner company, RiskControl360, at 614-706-8128.

Additionally, we have started sending out quotes for the 2014 policy year. I will be in contact with you to try and reach out to the top prospects in the upcoming weeks so we can get a chance to meet and show them the value of joining CareWorks Consultants group rating program through you. We are also still calling on multiple lists to obtain AC-3 forms - which is even more important this year than ever. The BWC has extended the "life" of the AC-3 form to 2 years as deadlines for the 2015 group rating will be next November, 2014.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you or your members have questions. I am here to help you!!

Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your week!

Kristen Troesch, MS
Program Manager

Office: 614-526-7247
Cell: 614-579-9411
Fax: 614-210-5551