The Fire Official’s Leadership and Management Series

Testimonial from a recent participant...I attended the first in the series The Fire Official’s Leadership and Management Series, “Legal Issues for the Fire Service” class. The leadership and participation encouraged by both Chiefs Welch and Comstock would or should make this class a MUST for any presiding chief officer or anyone in line to become one. Their delivery of the overall structure of fire service laws and fire service administrative codes certainly made all present aware of the seriousness of the responsibilities of being a chief officer. For a one day, eye-opening class that encourages individual participation with knowledgeable instructors and a presentation level that includes every member of the class, I encourage you to partake of one of these classes! The way I see it, Ohio Fire Service laws are important and the Foundation is working to see that the information gets to you in an affordable, accessible and timely fashion. Take advantage of it!   

Harry L. Burdick, Assistant Fire Chief
Battle Run Fire District
Prospect, Marion County, Ohio

Ask yourself...

  • Are you newly promoted?
  • Do you want to move up in the ranks?
  • Do you want to flourish and not just survive?
  • Are you overwhelmed with new responsibilities?

Then this series is for you!

Needed Skill Sets
The following skill sets are crucial in today's fire service industry and for those who lead it. They include:

  • Intergovernmental Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Financial Resource Management
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Human Resources
  • Operational Resource Management
  • Labor Relations
  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Ethics
  • Legal Issues

As many fire officials discovered early on in their careers, the job description for a fire official (ranks beginning at Lieutenant through Fire Chief) is much different from that for a firefighter. A tremendous amount of responsibility is placed on the fire official with each new promotion. Frequently, individuals are promoted for the work they have done. While this is commendable, most promotions also come with new responsibilities you will be expected to accomplish.

Often, very little is done to prepare the fire official to handle the responsibilities of the job. New Chiefs can be overwhelmed. As they reach the top of the profession, some don't realize the variety of skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviors that are required of their new position. Further, often the newly promoted Fire Chief doesn't have the time to obtain the necessary education the job demands. 

We Can Help
The Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation is prepared to fill this need. We have developed a 32-hour Fire Official's Leadership and Management Series. Designed for newly promoted Fire Chiefs AND fire officials, the program offers broad-based modules where you can gain a greater understanding of the various skill sets and behaviors needed to be successful. Whether you are a new Chief or working to become one, this program is for you!

Series Options
The series is offered in 8-hour modules, four times a year at a cost of $50/member; $65 non-member per module. Each module covers several major skill areas important to a successful chief officer. Modules can be taken as "stand alone" courses or you can complete all four modules and receive the Leadership and Management Series certificate. 

Class size is limited to 25 students per session. Department reimbursement may be available. 

Instructors Include:

James Bodenmiller
City Manager, City of Springfield

Chief David Comstock, Esq.
Western Reserve Fire Department

Retired Chief Stan Crosley, CFO, EFO, MIFireE
Sidney Fire & Emergency Services

Retired Chief Ted Heck
Jackson Township Fire Department

Fire Marshal Rudy Ruiz, MBA, EFO, FO
Sandusky Fire Department

Retired Chief John Sabo
Plain Township Fire Department

Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco, OFE
Concord Township Fire Department

Chief Porter "Chip" Welch, Esq., OFE
Scioto Township Fire Department