Pulpit Supply Request

New Pulpit Supply Process, please read letter below:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace to you in these challenging days.  These weeks away from our sister and brother worshippers have been difficult.  We all yearn for the days of gathering together as God’s people.  As congregations begin resuming corporate worship, it is important to talk about pulpit supply. 

COVID-19 presents a real and significant threat to the health and well-being of all God’s people. While people following the orders of the Governor and the Director of the Ohio Department of Health have flattened the curve, gathering together still poses substantial health risks. This reality is necessitating changes in the supply process. 

Several weeks ago, I asked everyone on the pulpit supply list to complete a survey having to do with supply preaching.  Their responses have been helpful in determining how we go about providing this leadership.  After discussion with Bishop Dillahunt and consultation with Sister Sally, I am presenting our new pulpit supply process to you. 

Please see Pulpit Supply Preacher lists below to fill your congregation's pulpit supply opening.
Supply Preachers, click the link below to request to be added or removed from a supply list or update your information.



Questions regarding Pulpit Supply should be directed to Dr. C. Lynn Nakamura at lnakamura@southernohiosynod.org.


See Pulpit Supply Rates under 'Compensation Guidelines.'